Art by Lisa Ng

Lisa Ng was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1984. As a child she immediately held an interest in being a poet of sorts. She attended the Dundas Valley School of Art and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) 2007, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Employment during this time included maintenance, towel folder, cashier, hallway monitor, dog walker, furniture and wall painter, and as a caricature artist. Recently, Lisa has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honours, from Ryerson University, and is now a licensed registered nurse.

Lisa considers herself a self-taught artist and a Renaissance women, she steals from a variety of disciplines. Lisa has won numerous awards including those from the Scarborough Arts Council and the Artist's Network of Riverdale and has received positive reviews from both the Globe and Mail and NOW Magazine. Lisa Ng is also the Rogue Leader of The Spooky Astronauts Drawing Club and a friend of Pablo Jueves.

Lisa gets inspired by people. Lisa Ng makes art everyday.

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